Better than a Baggie

We are excited to introduce the Pumpie Wet Bag. Perfectly designed to carry breast pump parts before, between, and after pumping. Here’s why:

Waterproof – We designed the bag with waterproof material on the inside and outside. We have tested the wet bag many times with soaking wet towels and swimsuits. Rest assured, its waterproof.  

Food Safe – The inside of the wet bag is made from food safe material that does NOT have BPA, phthalates or lead.

Lays Flat – Best of all, our wet bag lays completely flat so that you have a clean surface to set up and take down pump parts throughout the day.

Easy to Clean – At night just wipe the inside down with a warm soapy wash cloth. Hang it with your pump parts so it is ready to go in the morning. At the end of the week throw it in the washing machine on cold along with your pump bra and hang to dry.

The Pumpie Wet Bag is also great for traveling with bottles as it keeps all the parts together in one clean place.

So say good bye to the piles of plastic baggies and paper towels and say hello to the Pumpie Wet Bag!

Helen Ciesielski
Pumpie Pumping Routine

For the last nine months I have been using and loving my Pumpie dishwasher bags and wet bags. I came up with the idea for Pumpie nearly a year after having my first child. I was a working, pumping, breastfeeding mom and there was never enough time. Also, I really, really, really disliked washing pump parts. 

Last summer I had my second child. Life became even more crazy. I returned to work and I have been using the Pumpies ever since. They are amazing and make life easier. Here’s how:

Dishwasher Bags and Hang to Dry

·      I have two sets of parts and two Pumpie 1n1s. Each set of parts has its own 1n1. This is key because I always have a complete set of parts, all packaged together, clean and ready to go.

·      I have two sets of Cubes and several bottles. I use the Cubes to wash and dry the bottle parts and then I store the parts in a clear Tupperware container. We are constantly using the Cubes with other kid stuff like pacifiers, teethers, and toddler sippy cup parts. 

·      I created a “hang to dry” area right next to our sink and above our dishwasher. This keeps the counters drying rack free. It also makes it really easy to grab pump parts as I’m running out the door to work.


·      I have one wet bag that I use to carry my pump parts. This replaces the single use plastic bag. Best of all, our wet bag lays flat when opened so that you have a clean place to set up and take down pump parts. No more rolls of paper towels spread all over the pumping room.


I learned one tip between children that has made pumping life even easier – keep breast pump parts chilled between uses so you don’t have to clean them during the day. So instead of washing pump parts between pumping sessions at work I just keep them in the wet bag during the day and store them in my cooler with the breast milk. They stay chilled throughout the day and then I only have to wash them once at night in the Pumpie 1n1 dishwasher bag. So easy!!!

I often have an internal debate as to which I like more – the dishwasher bags or the wet bags. They might just be like peanut butter and jelly – great individually but together – fantastic! We hope you’ll give them a try.

Helen Ciesielski
Bags vs. Baskets
Hang to Dry - 1n1 and Cube

In researching the design for Pumpie 1n1 and Cube I bought many of the baby bottle dishwasher baskets. I quickly learned that baby bottle dishwasher baskets did not meet the needs of pumping moms.

Hole Size: The hole size on all of the baby bottle dishwasher baskets on the market today are just too big to keep Medela’s little white membranes contained. Pumpie 1n1 and Cube have smaller holes to keep all of pumping and baby bottle parts contained while still having excellent water flow to thoroughly clean all of the parts.  

Divider: The divider on Pumpie 1n1 keeps the connectors upright so the parts will come out clean every time. None of the baby bottle dishwasher baskets have compartments to hold breast pump connectors upright. Without a compartment the connectors fall over in the dishwasher, pool with water, and do not get properly cleaned.

Drying: After washing in the dishwasher, pump and bottle parts need to finish drying. With the Pumpie 1n1 or Cube simply hang the bag to dry and keep the kitchen counters free of clutter.  

Size: Baby bottle dishwasher baskets are large and designed to hold bottle parts for 8 or more bottles at once. Pumpie dishwasher bags are designed to hold one set of breast pump parts or a couple bottles. Pumpie dishwasher bags allow moms to use the dishwasher for easy cleaning without having to sacrifice valuable dishwasher space.

Mesh: Dishwasher baskets are rigid plastic while Pumpie dishwasher bags are made of a polyester mesh made in the USA. 1n1 and Cube easily squeeze into the top rack of the dishwasher between cups, dishes, and Tupperware. Pumpie dishwasher bags collapse for easy storage unlike bulky dishwasher baskets.  

Go: Pumpie 1n1 and Cube are made for moms on the go! They can easily be thrown into a pumping or diaper bag to get out the door quickly.  

Helen Ciesielski
Load it Up

Follow these simple instructions to have clean pump and bottle parts every time.


1n1 - Pump in Style

Step 1: Place connectors in vertically on the small side. 

Step 2: Place membranes and valves on the large side. 

Step 3: Place flanges on the large side. 


1n1 - Freestyle

Step 1: Place connectors and back caps in vertically on the small side. 

Step 2: Place membranes on the large side so they will not pool with water. 

Step 3: Place flanges on the large side on top of the membranes. 


Cube - Medela Bottles

Step 1: Place nipples in pointing up. 

Step 2: Place caps in vertically so that they will not pool with water. 

Step 3: Place rings on top of the other parts. 

Helen Ciesielski
Tips and Tricks

Jack and I spent months testing Pumpie bags in our kitchen and we learned the following…

Hang Dry. Create a mini pot rack for pump parts and bottle parts. I attached several 3M Small Wire Hooks on the cabinet above the dishwasher. The parts and bag dry incredibly quickly when they hang to dry. When the parts are finished drying you can either leave them hanging (without taking up counter space) or store them in the bag in a cabinet completely out of sight. I also love hanging the bags to dry because I could get rid of my drying rack (or rather lawn) and free up precious counter space.

Part Placement Matters. Take a moment to properly arrange pump and bottle parts in the bag and you’ll always have clean parts. Also, instruct your husband and other care givers on proper loading techniques.

Bottle Parts Vary. I noticed that bottle parts vary significantly by brand. The Medela bottle parts are very light weight and easily flip. I found it was best to fill the Pumpie Cube with multiple sets of bottle parts (2 or 3+). If you only need to wash one set of bottle parts and you are washing pump parts, it might be best to squeeze the bottle parts into the Pumpie 1n1 bag. Other bottles, like the Born Free, were fine when washed one set in a bag or multiple sets in a bag.

Embrace the Flexibility. Breastfeeding and pumping are not one size fits all or even one size fits most. Use Pumpie 1n1s and Cubes to design your own wash, dry, store, and carry routines for breast pump and bottle parts. The Pumpie bags also come in handy for washing pacifiers, sippy cup parts, toys, Nalgene bottle lids, and other small dishwasher safe items. 

Helen Ciesielski
The Easy Way

The easiest way to clean breast pump parts is in the dishwasher with the Pumpie 1n1. Why? All you have to do is load the bag and put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The Pumpie 1n1 was designed to keep pump parts vertical while in the dishwasher so water will not pool in the nooks and crannies. The mesh allows for thorough cleaning while still keeping all of the parts inside including the little membranes. When the dishwasher is finished, remove the bag and allow the bag and parts to air dry. Store your parts in the bag until the next use when you can conveniently carry all the parts together to your next pumping session.

I created the Pumpie 1n1 ahead of my second child and can’t wait to use it to simplify my pumping routine. I plan to have two sets of parts, each with their own 1n1 bag. One set of parts will be washing and drying and the other set will be ready to go. That way I don’t have any last minute scrambles to wash parts. I plan to carry my parts to work in the 1n1 so that I always have all my parts – no mad dashes home to pick up forgotten parts. Also, bringing the 1n1 to work will allow me to load it at work after my last pumping session so that when I walk in the door at home I can put my milk in the fridge, the 1n1 in the dishwasher, and go see my kids.

The other handy thing about this bag is washing parts on the road. I have to travel for work and always felt squeamish about having all my parts spread out to dry on the hotel bathroom counter. With the 1n1 I can wash my parts then put them back in the 1n1, to hang dry so they will be contained and out of the way. Using the 1n1 to dry and store parts after hand washing will work great on the road, at work or even at home.

While I am not looking forward to pumping again, I do know having the Pumpie 1n1 will take away one of the most dreaded pumping tasks – part cleaning. I look forward to walking through the door and greeting my kids without having 10 minutes of part cleaning hanging over my head. I hope you enjoy getting 10 minutes back in your busy day as well!

Helen Ciesielski
Introducing Pumpie

Welcome to Pumpie! We are dedicated to creating simple products to solve everyday problems so that moms have more time for fun. 

The idea for Pumpie came to me one morning in my pumping chair at work. Thanks to sleep training, I was well rested and clear headed for the first time in 8 months. As I looked around at my pump and all the pumping paraphernalia, I thought there had to be a better way. I knew there had to be a way to simplify everything so I could have less hassle and more fun. It was then that I dedicated myself to solving the everyday problems facing us moms.

My first problem to tackle was cleaning pump parts. Each day, I dreaded cleaning all those pump parts. When I came home from work, all I wanted to do was play with my little guy or take him for a walk around the neighborhood. And, once he was down for the night, I wanted to spend time relaxing, not washing all those parts. When I asked my girlfriends if they had a trick, they just shrugged. I then decided that I'd solve this little hassle for my friends, myself, and all the other moms out there. And with that the Pumpie 1n1 was born.

The 1n1 is designed for ultimate ease of use, convenience, and peace of mind. Come home from work, place the 1n1 bag in the dishwasher and you’re free to go have fun! The next morning just grab your 1n1 and go confident that you have all your pump parts in your bag. 

Like all of our products, the Cube is about simplicity. The Cube let's you wash the parts from a couple of baby bottles while taking up minimal space. 

Like my family, the Pumpie family is growing too! We look forward to introducing new products that help simplify your life so that you have more time for fun.  

Helen Ciesielski