How are Pumpie bags different from other baby dishwasher baskets? 

Glad you asked! Pumpie bags are perfectly designed so that pump and bottle parts remain oriented in the dishwasher and come out completely clean. The holes are precisely sized - big enough to let plenty of water in for a thorough clean, but small enough to keep all the parts inside, even those pesky little white membranes. The bags are sized so that they take up minimum space in the dishwasher. Best of all, Pumpie bags are designed for easy washing, drying, storing, and carrying!

What materials are used to make Pumpie bags?

Pumpie bags are made with 4 materials: 100% untreated polyester mesh made in the USA, YKK zippers, Wrights bias tape (polyester / cotton blend), and a polyester zipper pull label. 

How are the bags made?

All of the bags are sewn in St. Louis, Missouri. 

What is the best way to wash breast pump parts?

Whatever works best for you! The Pumpie 1n1 was created to easily wash breast pump parts in the dishwasher. You can always hand wash parts and still use the bag to dry, store, and carry! 

How do I make sure all of the parts will get clean? 

Make sure the parts are loaded appropriately. Place parts in vertically or otherwise arrange so water will not pool. Make sure parts are not overcrowded in the bag. 

What is the best way to dry breast pump and bottle parts?

The bag will come out of the dishwasher damp. You can leave the parts in the bag and allow everything to air dry together on the counter or drying rack or hanging from a hook. 

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