Bags vs. Baskets

Hang to Dry - 1n1 and Cube

In researching the design for Pumpie 1n1 and Cube I bought many of the baby bottle dishwasher baskets. I quickly learned that baby bottle dishwasher baskets did not meet the needs of pumping moms.

Hole Size: The hole size on all of the baby bottle dishwasher baskets on the market today are just too big to keep Medela’s little white membranes contained. Pumpie 1n1 and Cube have smaller holes to keep all of pumping and baby bottle parts contained while still having excellent water flow to thoroughly clean all of the parts.  

Divider: The divider on Pumpie 1n1 keeps the connectors upright so the parts will come out clean every time. None of the baby bottle dishwasher baskets have compartments to hold breast pump connectors upright. Without a compartment the connectors fall over in the dishwasher, pool with water, and do not get properly cleaned.

Drying: After washing in the dishwasher, pump and bottle parts need to finish drying. With the Pumpie 1n1 or Cube simply hang the bag to dry and keep the kitchen counters free of clutter.  

Size: Baby bottle dishwasher baskets are large and designed to hold bottle parts for 8 or more bottles at once. Pumpie dishwasher bags are designed to hold one set of breast pump parts or a couple bottles. Pumpie dishwasher bags allow moms to use the dishwasher for easy cleaning without having to sacrifice valuable dishwasher space.

Mesh: Dishwasher baskets are rigid plastic while Pumpie dishwasher bags are made of a polyester mesh made in the USA. 1n1 and Cube easily squeeze into the top rack of the dishwasher between cups, dishes, and Tupperware. Pumpie dishwasher bags collapse for easy storage unlike bulky dishwasher baskets.  

Go: Pumpie 1n1 and Cube are made for moms on the go! They can easily be thrown into a pumping or diaper bag to get out the door quickly.  

Helen Ciesielski