The Easy Way

The easiest way to clean breast pump parts is in the dishwasher with the Pumpie 1n1. Why? All you have to do is load the bag and put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The Pumpie 1n1 was designed to keep pump parts vertical while in the dishwasher so water will not pool in the nooks and crannies. The mesh allows for thorough cleaning while still keeping all of the parts inside including the little membranes. When the dishwasher is finished, remove the bag and allow the bag and parts to air dry. Store your parts in the bag until the next use when you can conveniently carry all the parts together to your next pumping session.

I created the Pumpie 1n1 ahead of my second child and can’t wait to use it to simplify my pumping routine. I plan to have two sets of parts, each with their own 1n1 bag. One set of parts will be washing and drying and the other set will be ready to go. That way I don’t have any last minute scrambles to wash parts. I plan to carry my parts to work in the 1n1 so that I always have all my parts – no mad dashes home to pick up forgotten parts. Also, bringing the 1n1 to work will allow me to load it at work after my last pumping session so that when I walk in the door at home I can put my milk in the fridge, the 1n1 in the dishwasher, and go see my kids.

The other handy thing about this bag is washing parts on the road. I have to travel for work and always felt squeamish about having all my parts spread out to dry on the hotel bathroom counter. With the 1n1 I can wash my parts then put them back in the 1n1, to hang dry so they will be contained and out of the way. Using the 1n1 to dry and store parts after hand washing will work great on the road, at work or even at home.

While I am not looking forward to pumping again, I do know having the Pumpie 1n1 will take away one of the most dreaded pumping tasks – part cleaning. I look forward to walking through the door and greeting my kids without having 10 minutes of part cleaning hanging over my head. I hope you enjoy getting 10 minutes back in your busy day as well!

Helen Ciesielski