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Embrace the Dishwasher

Cleaning breast pump and bottle parts has never been so easy. With the Pumpie 1n1 and Pumpie Cube dishwasher bags you can use the dishwasher for easy cleaning.   

Hang to Dry

Reclaim your countertop and hang to dry. With the Pumpie 1n1 and Pumpie Cube you can let your pump and bottle parts air dry in the dishwasher bag simply hanging from a hook. 


Go! just got a whole lot easier. Use the Pumpie Wet Bag to carry parts before, between, and after use. Provides an easy and clean place for setup and take down of pump parts. 

Moms love Pumpie

“I am committed to giving my kids breast milk but everything about pumping is hard. Being able to throw all of the hard to clean pump parts in the pumpie and have the dishwasher do the cleaning makes pumping so much more manageable.” (Anna, Portland OR)

“The Pumpie 1n1 has liberated my evenings! Instead of spending time painstakingly washing pump parts for the next morning, I throw my Pumpie 1n1 in the dishwasher and get it out in the morning before I leave.  It couldn’t be more convenient.” (Tessa, Saint Louis MO)

Pumpie 1n1

The dishwasher bag to wash, dry, store, and carry breast pump parts. One set of parts in one bag. Never forget a part at home!


Pumpie Cube

The dishwasher bag to wash, dry, store, and carry bottle parts. Say goodbye to bulky dishwasher baskets!

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LOADPumpie 1n1 - Position connectors and back caps vertically on the small side. Position shields, valves and membranes to prevent pooling on the large side. Pumpie Cube - Position nipples first pointing up. Place the remaining parts to prevent pooling. 

WASH: Place in the top rack of the dishwasher.

DRY:  Upon removal from the dishwasher, your bag will be damp. To dry, simply hang the bag from a hook or place on your counter or drying rack.  

STORE & GO!: Keep your parts organized and together until needed.

Check out our blog post "Load it Up" for step by step picture instructions. 

The Mission...

Our mission is to create simple products to solve everyday problems so that moms have more time to do what they love. 

The Founder...

Pumpie was founded by a working mom. Today, she enjoys working part-time and staying home with her two kids.