Introducing Pumpie

Welcome to Pumpie! We are dedicated to creating simple products to solve everyday problems so that moms have more time for fun. 

The idea for Pumpie came to me one morning in my pumping chair at work. Thanks to sleep training, I was well rested and clear headed for the first time in 8 months. As I looked around at my pump and all the pumping paraphernalia, I thought there had to be a better way. I knew there had to be a way to simplify everything so I could have less hassle and more fun. It was then that I dedicated myself to solving the everyday problems facing us moms.

My first problem to tackle was cleaning pump parts. Each day, I dreaded cleaning all those pump parts. When I came home from work, all I wanted to do was play with my little guy or take him for a walk around the neighborhood. And, once he was down for the night, I wanted to spend time relaxing, not washing all those parts. When I asked my girlfriends if they had a trick, they just shrugged. I then decided that I'd solve this little hassle for my friends, myself, and all the other moms out there. And with that the Pumpie 1n1 was born.

The 1n1 is designed for ultimate ease of use, convenience, and peace of mind. Come home from work, place the 1n1 bag in the dishwasher and you’re free to go have fun! The next morning just grab your 1n1 and go confident that you have all your pump parts in your bag. 

Like all of our products, the Cube is about simplicity. The Cube let's you wash the parts from a couple of baby bottles while taking up minimal space. 

Like my family, the Pumpie family is growing too! We look forward to introducing new products that help simplify your life so that you have more time for fun.  

Helen Ciesielski