Tips and Tricks

Jack and I spent months testing Pumpie bags in our kitchen and we learned the following…

Hang Dry. Create a mini pot rack for pump parts and bottle parts. I attached several 3M Small Wire Hooks on the cabinet above the dishwasher. The parts and bag dry incredibly quickly when they hang to dry. When the parts are finished drying you can either leave them hanging (without taking up counter space) or store them in the bag in a cabinet completely out of sight. I also love hanging the bags to dry because I could get rid of my drying rack (or rather lawn) and free up precious counter space.

Part Placement Matters. Take a moment to properly arrange pump and bottle parts in the bag and you’ll always have clean parts. Also, instruct your husband and other care givers on proper loading techniques.

Bottle Parts Vary. I noticed that bottle parts vary significantly by brand. The Medela bottle parts are very light weight and easily flip. I found it was best to fill the Pumpie Cube with multiple sets of bottle parts (2 or 3+). If you only need to wash one set of bottle parts and you are washing pump parts, it might be best to squeeze the bottle parts into the Pumpie 1n1 bag. Other bottles, like the Born Free, were fine when washed one set in a bag or multiple sets in a bag.

Embrace the Flexibility. Breastfeeding and pumping are not one size fits all or even one size fits most. Use Pumpie 1n1s and Cubes to design your own wash, dry, store, and carry routines for breast pump and bottle parts. The Pumpie bags also come in handy for washing pacifiers, sippy cup parts, toys, Nalgene bottle lids, and other small dishwasher safe items. 

Helen Ciesielski